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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Top 6 Cigarettes

Best 6 Electronic Cigarettes
Anyone who knows me knows that I smoke cigarettes. They know that I have as long as they've known me, that I will as long as they know me, and they know that I love it. Last year I was introduced to the electronic cigarette, and like many of you may have been, I was initially turned off by the new technology. 

The device was difficult to draw vapor from, the vapor was no where near as satisfying as the smoke drawn from a cigarette, and the god damn nicotine liquid would either get all over my fingers or seep through the while dragging my e-cig, delivering a hefty dose of gross straight into my mouth. 
It wasn't until talking with some friends and doing a little research of my own did I realize that e-cigs themselves weren't crappy, but that I was just buying crappy e-cigs. I was either getting obscure brands from smoke shops, or fooled by online knockoffs that came at a frugal monetary value, but delivered the most stale and putrid vapors. Now after a many mouthfuls of awful, some succulent sensations of smooth smoke, and a whole bunch of ****ing research, I present to you my experiences in the electronic cigarette world in my list of Top 6 Electronic Cigarette Brands.

6th) Pure Smoker

Alright, so to be completely honest, I don't know how it got on the list, but PureSmoker.com is definitely the... sixth best e-cig company I've dealt with.... Pure Smoker is the first company that I started buying from consistently. They've got a pretty wide selection, and if you hunt for them you can find some cheap prices. That hunt is made difficult though by the nearly unnavigable website. The customer service isn't great, you have to sign up to their website to really get any help, and there is a live chat, but as long as I've seen it, it's always off. On top of that all they only offer reusable atomizers, which I find to be a major downside. It means that they don't offer cartridges that you can throw away, just one, that I guarantee you will eventually have to replace, and that you have to insert the nicotine pad into, pour the liquid nicotine onto yourself, and, while it still works, have to clean to prevent build ups for liquid nicotine seeping threw to your lips. Some people like the customization offered with this method, but for those of you that do, keep reading, V2Cigs, offers a much simpler solution to this predicament.

5th)Blu Cigs
What BluCigs basically has going for it is the case that looks and works just like a normal pack of cigarettes. The case also doubles as a portable charger which is very handy, though you don't want to leave your e-cig in the portable charging case too long, there is an emergency shut off switch that drains the power, which is safe, but can be rather irritating if you're out and have accidentally drained the power from your electronic cigarette.
I have never found it necessary to return anything I have purchased from BluCigs, but I have heard and read that the process of doing so can be a bit finicky. I would say they definitely have the best flavors, though the e-cig itself, while good quality, is uncomfortably crafted, with uneven weight that makes it sit somewhat uneasily while trying to enjoy their fine flavors of vapor.

4th) Southbeach Smoke
South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice
10% OFF starter kit: http://tinyurl/PopeBeach10off

South Beach Smoke offers a really good product, there flavors are good, their electronic cigarette works well, comes with your choice of a disposable or reusable atomizer, but they are a bit expensive. I go more into the details of pricing for all 6 of the top brands mentioned here later on, but for now I”ll keep it short and specific, South Beach Smoke is kinda pricey.
BUT, those high prices can be eliminated if you decide to become a frequent customer. They are always offering discounts on almost everything, coupled with actually good products, I would definitely say puts them at fourth place above the many electronic cigarette brands on the market. Though as I mentioned before, they are going to make you oblige to somewhat of a long term investment. There are more examples of this as I stated, below.
South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice
(Super Valentines Day Special. Coupon Code: SMOKE15 15% OFF EVERYTHING)

3rd) Green Smoke
There is just not a lot that you can complain about with Green Smoke. Their products work well, they are very stylish, it is a little pricey, but its almost expected with quality of service and electronic cigarette you are buying. They smoke very well, and are definitely one of the top in their league. Customer care is awesome, you can almost always talk with a real person in the company, and if not there is a Green Smoke community with a ton of users who are ready and willing to lend a helping hand. 
(use Coupon Code "disc10-23572" to Save 10% OFF any $100+ purchase with Green Smoke)
(use Coupon Code "disc5-23572" to Save 5% OFF ANY order  with Green Smoke)

2nd) V2Cigs
The Best E Cig on the market!
V2Cigs is one of my favorite companies by far. It was difficult to decide whether to give 2nd place to V2Cigs or Green Smoke, but in the end, V2Cigs offers so much variety at such great cheap prices, with quality products, it's hard not to put it at number one.
As mentioned in the Pure Smoker section, you can even take your difficult to use liquid nicotine, that you bought say... at PureSmoker.com, and for the low price of $8.95 you can order some disposable, yes I said it, disposable cartridges to use with them. This eliminates the awful build up, while still allowing freedom of customization.
Customer care at V2Cigs is top notch as well. They offer a variety of referral programs that damn near makes it so you can get you e-cigs for free, live chat works very well, and they'll call you if you request it.
V2Cigs really makes shopping on their site fun, and with side by side comparisons with other sites, and even amoungst products offered, on the fly, while shopping, the experience couldn't really go any smoother than shopping with V2Cigs.

1st) The Safe Cig

Tobacco Free Smoking by The Safe Cig
First thing, I have to admit, The Safe Cig is not going to be the coolest electronic cigarette you smoke. Style is really not their forte, I mean look at their brand name, The Safe Cig.
Yeah Johnny, throw me my Safe Cig, my elbow pads, my glasses, and my inhaler, I'm off to Live Action Role Play in the backyard with my friends from band camp.”
And you must be warned variety is not a selling point with The Safe Cig either. But for me, all of that didn't matter when I was met with the, oh so, superior technology that The Safe Cig prides themselves on. This company puts a lot of money into electronic cigarette research, they give evidence of this all over their site, along side their numerous certificates. They are United States based and the company has been in business in for four years and have been directing a lot of their profits back into enhancing electronic cigarettes for that entire time.
Electronic Cigarette by The Safe CigThe Safe Cig is without a doubt my number one electronic cigarette brand, though they do have a limited selection of flavors and accessories, and that is something to consider. If you're an experienced e-cig user who has already dabbled in the market and is now looking for the truly highest quality technology, then the Safe Cig is awesome. I mean give it a think; how often are you smoking cherry, or mocha, or vanilla flavored cigarettes, if the answer is often then you should probably go with one of the above mentioned brands, if the answer is, practically never, like me, then I stand firmly behind The Safe Cig.
Now you could go run off and buy The Safe Cig right now via my recommendation, and you would most likely be satisfied, but I do think you should consider this; just like everyone in the world doesn't all smoke, Marlboros, or Camels, or Newports, more than likely we are all going to have different taste for electronic cigarette brands. Now there are a lot of unsafe, (don't have proper certifications), low quality and knockoff electronic cigarette brands flooding the shopping arena. The top six brands that I have allocated here are the most reliable and satisfying brands out there. I have ordered these six brands in order of my personal favorites, but I would have to admit that generally V2Cigs, Green Smoke, and The Safe Cig all land about even with one another, outshining each other in different areas. I love the Safe Cig, but you might be more interested in the style of Green Smoke, or the variety offered with V2Cigs. So if you are still deciding, I have gathered a few short things for you to take into account.

What to consider?
There are a few simple aspects you want to consider if you are seriously looking into electronic smoking. The starter kit, chargers, whether you are going to get a reusable or disposable atomizer, flavors, guarantees, warranties, shipping and handling, customer care, pricing--
ALRIGHT STOP. James you said there were a few simple aspects to consider, um.. I call BULL****.”
Now hold on there disgruntled reader, don't get too anxious, like I said I've done all the research for you, and realistically between my top 6 brands, all of these factors shouldn't have much of an impact on your purchase. I'll explain why some of these elements are less important, and what you need to know about important aspects, as we move on.

Product/ ServiceWarrantyGuaranteeShippingCustomer ServiceSummary

Green Smoke

1 year

30 days

Free US >$25
Live Chat Ticket system Toll Free NumberWarranty/ Guarantee standard but products not often returned. Free shipping nice, but you have to spend $25+ Advanced customer service + Green Smoke Community = Great Customer Care
The Safe  Cig


30 days

Free US only
Support desk online Email
Customer Care very sufficient Free shipping a nice plus, but only for United State citizens. Lifetime warranty because they know their product lasts
1 year

30 days

No Free Shipping

live chat Request call

Warranty/ Guarantee standard Very in-depth customer care
South Beach SmokeLifetime30 daysNo Free Shippingtoll free number Email
Customer Care is great if you belong to their club. Lifetime warranty is very nice, good products and they stand behind
Blu Cigs1 year30 daysFree US only
live chat Toll free number Email

A longer warranty would have been nice. Very good customer service, live chat, etc. Free shipping nice, but only for United State citizens.
Pure Smoker
7 days +20% fee if Damgaged specific products: 7 days to a lifetime
$100>order =$5 $100<order =Free *$10 for Canada*
have to have an account There's live chat but it Always seems to be off
Customer care is not good. There mine as well not be a warranty. There isn't any guarantee. Shipping is low, free is you spend a lot. Still don't know why I didn't just this a Top 5 List... … guess it is nice to have someone to make fun of... PureSmoker.com.
     Now you may notice somethings about the different brands, like how The Safe Cig seems to have the least customer care, or you might be thinking the product with the free shipping, or the longest warranty might be the best buy. I say no. After having isolated the myriad electronic cigarette brands on the market to my top favorites, between them given their high quality, worrying about and having to deal with customer care, or needing a warranty should not be a major concern. If you do have a rare mix-up or malfunction the customer care at say, The Safe Cig, for example, is actually outstanding, just not offered in as many varieties as say Green Smoke.
     For me, after isolating products that I know are of a good quality, the next real concern is pricing. The tools and accessories involved with electronic smoking are quite simple once you and they have become acquainted. For first time smokers the primary thing to take into consideration is the starter kit. The starter kit is package offered by all worthwhile electronic cigarette brands. It is basically a box with all of the necessary accessories and devices to get you started as an electronic smoker. They come in a wide variety, some companies offer one, some offer many. Generally a starter kit as one electronic cigarette, possibly an extra battery, one or two chargers, sometimes one for your car or computer, usually about five refill cartridges of liquid nicotine, sometimes a case, and almost always a manual.

Below are some descriptions and opinions of starter kits from each of the Top 6 Electronic Cigarette Brands.
Electronic Cigarette by The Safe Cig
3 Choices

Ranging From: $69.95 - $137.95

Very straight forward, not a lot of variety, but if you're shopping with Safe Cig you already know a wide selection and being fashionable isn't really their thing. That aside, this is really an outstanding price for a starter kit taking into consideration the quality of electric cigarette that you will be receiving.

The Best E Cig on the market!
7 Choices

Ranging From: $24.95 - $149.95

Let me start off by saying that $24.95 is a really good price for an electronic cigarette starter kit. Also given the large selection of kits that V2Cigs offers, they make shopping between them extremely easy with the availability of side by side comparisons.

3 Choices

Ranging From: $109 - $270

Definitely the most voluptuous starter kits.
Come with the most sensible accessories and some variety in flavors to play around with, basically everything you need. A quality product at a matching price. (use coupon code disc10-23572 to save 10% off with Green Smoke)

South Beach Smoke E-Cigarette - The Better Smoking Choice
4 Choices

Ranging From: $54.99 - $144.99 (w/ discounts 29.99 - $94.99)

The starter kits from South Beach Smoke vary in 2 areas. One, the difference between disposable atomizers and reusable atomizers, disposable being the more expensive. And two, from the basic to advanced packages, as most sites offer. Basically the starter kits from South Beach Smoke are good, they are much more attractive when the discount is thrown in, but the discount comes with a level of commitment, subscribing you to their monthly cartridge program. These discounts are both pretty good, but you have to be sure that you want to only buy from South Beach Smoke for a while, before participating.

2 Choices

Ranging From: $69.95 - $69.95 (not a typo, just one price ;)

The choices here range from black to white, literally, you can have a black colored or white colored kit, (pack and batteries). Otherwise there is basically one kit for $69.95, and it is a good kit... but just good. Though it does come with more than The Safe Cig's starter kit of the same price, with The Safe Cig I just know that I'm getting better technology, which makes me almost willing to doll out the extra $29.95 for a second battery later. But the starter kit with Blu Cig is larger, they also have a wider selection of flavors, and are also like The Safe Cig, made in the USA.
4 Choices... I think

Ranging From: I don't f***ing know to I don't f***ing care.

Looking back I don't even know how I bought anything from this site, it's damn near unnavigable, I can't tell what I'm buying, I swear this site must have undergone construction or something. Still the prices are low and the selections are wide, but its difficult to find the proper certificates and credentials required to safely and legally sells electronic cigarettes, one of many things that makes me leery that this website ever had my credit card information. PureSmoker.com should definitely not have made it onto this list, it could have stood being a Top 5 list.

There are a myriad other accessories and tools to accompany your electronic cigarette, and sorting through them all, especially if you're still choosing a brand can be quite overwhelming.

Refill cartridges, batteries, chargers, whether you are going to get a reusable or disposable atomizer, and pricing are all listed below for the Top 6 Electronic Cigarette Brands.

Batteries Chargers
Reusable / Disposable Atomizer
TheSafeCig $12.50 for 5
3 flavors
6 strengths (0 – 24 mg)
1 model
Wall: $19.95
Car: $19.95
USB: $15.95
*Euro: $19.95
V2Cigs $9.95- 225.00 for 5-100
8 flavors, 4 coming soon
4 strengths (0-18)
3 models
Wall + USB:
Car: $4.95
*Euro/EU: $6.95
GreensSmoke $14.95-103.92 for 5-40
7 flavors
5 strengths (0-24mg)
3 models
$50 each
Wall: $19.95
Car: $19.95
USB: $19.95
SouthBeachSmoke For Reusable Atomizers
$23.95-59.85 for 6 – 18
For Disposable Atomizers
$74.99 for 18
5 flavors -both
4 strengths -both
(Mg not given)
1 models
2 types
Wall: $19.99
Car: $14.99
USB: $17.99

(same as reusable)
BluCigs $12.00-38.40 for 5-20
4 flavors
4 strengths (0-16mg)
2 models/
Wall: $12.95
USB $12.95
Portable: $12.95
Pure Smoker (as mentioned prior,
no cartridges
only liquid nicotine)
for 15ml/0.5oz-120ml/4oz
24 flavors
5 strengths 0%-3.2%
(actual batteries, because they suck like that)

Wall/USB: $10.99

Portable: $15.99

Battery: $17.99
(actual batteries)

*MP=member price

*When it comes to disposable or reusable atomizers, Disposable is the ONLY way to go. I have never heard a good reason for using a non-disposable atomizer. Currently reusable is more expensive, which is why I include both on the list, but that is simply because its the new technology. It offers a cleaner smoke with every change of the cartridge, and with these brands the possibility of liquid nicotine building up and seeping through to your mouth is eliminated.

Buying Online or from a Store, (Smoke Shop etc.)
My first electronic cigarette purchased was from SmokingEverywhere.com. You can see my disparaging review of this company and a few other e-cig brands I was disappointed with, coming soon. With this cigarette I was met with all of the downsides to e-cigs listed above and pratically no upsides, other than the blatantly advertised ability to “smoke everywhere” which comes inherently with every electronic cigarette. Since I made this purchase online I figured seeing the product might come with its benefits. After shopping around a bit I have come to this conclusion; unless you have a friend at a tobacco outlet, or smoke shop who can 'hook it up' buying online directly from a good name brand is generally the best way to go.

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  1. v2 cigs have lifetime warranty.

  2. Thanks for the info, I love my E Cigarette from SafeCig, I've only had a good experience with them.

  3. Junior your just an uniformed beginner speading a bunch of BS, you need to register at E-Cigarette Forum. That way you'll learn something about e-cigs, because right now you don't know anything.

    1. You appear to be in the minority with your opinion. Advice taken nonetheless.
      Thanks for reading and commenting :)

  4. Heya James, nice review on the e-cigs. I agree with your opinion that Safecig is the best. I just tried the Safecig micro pac and just love it. $59.95 Comes with 2 batteries and 7 refills. The refills come 7 per pack for $16.95

  5. Thanks dude, that review was very helpful. I went with Green Smoke. It's actually the cheapest option if you're buying outside the US (Chile in my case) because of delivery costs.

  6. Hi James thanks for the blog. Much appreciated. What's your thoughts on SmokeFree cigarettes which www.Skylightz.net sells very affordably- they have by far the BEST E CIGAR I've tried out there - The Libre Leon E-Cigar. Perhaps you should do a review / video on E-CIGARS.

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