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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Tube Toolbox

Greetings all, and welcome to the first addition of Pope Approved. This blog was formed by me, in conjunction with two other blogs, Worth Comments, and Evolution of a YouTuber, which I aggressively encourage you to check out and follow. In this blog I am going to be reviewing different products, some that I like, some that I don't. If I come across a product I would recommend, then I will dole out my “Pope Stamp of Approval.” If the product is sub-par... well I haven't thought of a gimmick for that yet, but I will do my best to relentlessly judge and berate it, and it's creators as viciously as I can, as promised by me to you, my loyal followers.

Today as you may have noticed by the above graphic, I am going to be telling you about Tube Toolbox. This is a program that I stumbled across a little over a month ago. I, like you may have, had already heard and read of the program briefly; something about something to help me with m
e on YouTube. Yeah, that's great I've heard it before. So if you didn't already know, now seems to be an optimal time to mention that I dabble in the YouTubes a bit. I've got three channels where I spout off on different topics. I'm most proud of my call to actions videos where I call out, usually politicians, and other public figures, concerning outrageous judiciary and legislative travesties that seem to sneak past our ever so vigilant media * insert sarcasm right about here *.

People use YouTube for a multitude of reasons, some to view, some to share, and s
ome to promote. Whether you're promoting yourself working towards the YouTube partner program, trying to widen the market for your small business, or just getting the word out about a charity or organization you stand behind, YouTube is a great medium for advertisement and spreading knowledge.

If you are one of the people on YouTube, promoting something, you have more than likely come across one of the numerous “Get Rich/ Famous Quick” schemes and or scams that plague the internet. Everyone is looking for the pill to make them healthy, the video to
make them smart, and the most efficient way to sit on their ass, and rake in the cash.

I'm sorry to be the one to inform you of this, if you didn't already know, but those things don't exist.

So in comes Tube Toolbox. Tube Toolbox is advertised by many third party advertisers on the web who are often anonymous, just trying to make a quick buck, and are willing to LIE about the Tube Toolbox program. Tube Toolbox is often touted as a one stop spot for success on YouTube, and being able to make you famous over night. NOTHING DOES THIS, but
that doesn't mean that Tube Toolbox isn't a good program. Tube Toolbox has a myriad features and elements that make it great, but to sum it up quickly; the “Toolbox” is an accessory for YouTube that strengthens your ability to connect and share content with specific YouTubers at lightening speeds. Now I want to hone in on that word “specific,” for a moment. The power of specificity being put into your hands is what sets Tube Toolbox apart from the competition. Instead of randomly blasting your content out to people who,
don't care about what you have to say, Tube Toolbox allows you to zero in on the audience that wants to listen to you, watch your productions, or hear about your products.
Without focusing your audience, you end up with countless subscibers and no viewers, because the connections you're forming are shallow. Tube Toolbox truly helps you focus the groups of people with whom you share your content. I've tried it and had great success. Everything the company promises the program follows through on, but just with better results than I was expecting. I could honestly recommend someone purchasing this program, even for just one month to see significant growth in your YouTube channel.
I will reiterate though, even though I do believe that with CRAP on your channel

you'll still see some surprising growth with Tube Toolbox after focusing the groups that you share content with,
in the end,
if you want returning viewers, you have to make return worthy content. Nonetheless, with a free trial, and varying packages for those ready to buy, I'd say Tube Toolbox is a great program for promoting YouTube, it is NOT your ticket to getting famous over night, but it'll damn well help. The Stamp has been GIVEN.
Please comment to let me know what you think, or if you have
any suggestions of what products I should review next, and please don't forget to follow if you aren't already to catch more Pope Approved Product Reviews.

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